Call for Workshop proposals

You are invited to submit a proposal for conducting workshops at EMPOWER 2022. Workshops bring together attendees with common interests in Assistive Technology (AT) to meet in interactive discussions. The workshops must include topics relevant to the AT community including design, systems and tools relevant to and including people with disabilities. The focus must be on enabling technologies or technology used by people with disabilities. Each workshop should generate ideas that can be built upon further by the AT community. Proposals are to be mailed to info[at]empower2022[dot]in

Important dates

Last date of submission: Closed

Last date for notification of acceptance: August 31st

Workshop submission format

The workshop proposal must include the following -

  • Abstract
  • Audience-(level-beginners/intermediate/advanced)
  • Prerequisites - Background preparation required by attendees?
  • Introduction
  • Workshop flow
  • Takeaways/Outcome: Where to go from here.
  • Participation statement
  • A brief description of each facilitator’s background, including expertise related to the topic
  • Logistics - Materials and infrastructure required?
  • References

Guidelines for workshop submissions

  • The workshop should be compelling with deep insights that come from hands-on practice
  • Along with your submission share a 2-minute video, telling us what the EMPOWER participants can gain from your workshop
  • There should be clear information on prerequisites, experience level of attendees and information on any pre-workshop preparation that participants must undergo in order to attend the workshop
  • Keep the dependencies and hardware/ software requirements for the workshop simple and practical
  • Number of presenters: Two subject matter experts are preferred.
  • Presentation Time: Half-day (3 hours) or full-day (6 hours) workshop, depending upon the content
  • Workshop size: The workshop should be designed to be able to accommodate 20 to 50 people